Vancouver Renovation Tip: Using Stone to Enhance Your Home

Natural and engineered stone in the home, considered a luxury a few years ago has become an affordable and accessible building material for Vancouver homeowners.

There are very few other building materials that can offer the same permanence and elegance of stone. This premium building material has durability, strength, originality, natural beauty and sophistication. These qualities can essentially give your home a modern, clean look and provide added value and years of use and enjoyment. If you’re considering using stone in your Vancouver home renovation project, here are a few tips on how to enhance your home with it.

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Curb Appeal Vancouver Homes

Enhance Curb Appeal of Your Vancouver Home

The Vancouver Renovation Experts at EA Renovations Ltd. explain how to achieve curb appeal for your home and the importance it plays on the value of your home.

Curb appeal simply means the visual appeal of a residential and commercial property as seen from the street. While the primary purpose of curb appeal is to make a good impression about the property, its comprehensive role, in point of fact, extends beyond this. The appearance of your home as viewed from the street has an influential role in determining its value and eminence in the neighbourhood.

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Decks by Vancouver Renovation Company

Extend Your Living Space With a Deck

The Vancouver Home Renovation Experts at EA Renovations Ltd. explain how to create more space by adding on a deck.

Has the thought of needing more space at your home for family, friends, entertaining or personal space crossed your mind? Adding a new room or extending an existing one may require a significant amount of investment in terms of both time and expense.  One viable solution is to plan an extension of your living space with a decking area.  A deck can be a luxurious outside space that your entire family can enjoy and take full advantage of.

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