Curb Appeal Vancouver Homes

Enhance Curb Appeal of Your Vancouver Home

The Vancouver Renovation Experts at EA Renovations Ltd. explain how to achieve curb appeal for your home and the importance it plays on the value of your home.

Curb appeal simply means the visual appeal of a residential and commercial property as seen from the street. While the primary purpose of curb appeal is to make a good impression about the property, its comprehensive role, in point of fact, extends beyond this. The appearance of your home as viewed from the street has an influential role in determining its value and eminence in the neighbourhood.

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Home Improvements That Should Be Left to a Vancouver Contractor

Vancouver construction and renovation company EA Renovations provides insight and tips on home improvements that should be left to a Vancouver Contractor.

More and more Vancouver and Lower Mainland homeowners are opting to take on DIY home renovations. Inspiration often stems from popular renovation shows and even social media websites such as Pinterest. As a Vancouver based home renovation specialist, we are enthused and inspired as well when we watch these shows!

If taking on home renovations or home improvements has crossed your mind, it’s good to take a look at the scope of the project you are undertaking and decide what is realistic as a DIY and what should be left to a professional.

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