Extend Your Living Space With a Deck

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The Vancouver Home Renovation Experts at EA Renovations Ltd. explain how to create more space by adding on a deck.

Has the thought of needing more space at your home for family, friends, entertaining or personal space crossed your mind? Adding a new room or extending an existing one may require a significant amount of investment in terms of both time and expense.  One viable solution is to plan an extension of your living space with a decking area.  A deck can be a luxurious outside space that your entire family can enjoy and take full advantage of.

With proper planning and a few renovations, your decking area can be a vital part of your home.  When planning a new deck, there are essential points to consider that should not be overlooked:

  • The deck should be directed outside of your living space that you are planning to extend.
  • You should have a direct and comfortable access to the deck.
  • You should exclude any type of barriers between the deck and your living space.
  • You may want to make it semi-closed by building a cover to make it usable for all types of weather. But this is not an essential case to consider, if you need a widely open space for your comfort and enjoyment.

Ideas by Vancouver Home Renovation Company for The Extension of Living Space With a Deck

For a smaller area, you many not have to invest a lot to extend your home with a deck. For instance, installing bifold windows in the kitchen and extending your countertop can be a simple approach to connect the kitchen with the decking area. With a comfortable seating arrangement outside, you will have a spacious outdoor dining and entertaining area.

To make a direct connection between your living space and decking area, you can tear down a wall and substitute it with bifold doors. You can buy them in any number of configurations from three or four doors for a small space to six or even more for a widely open space according to your preference. The versatility of bifold doors allows you to enclose your home during bad weather, open a single door to go outside or open them all when you want the maximum area unifying your indoor and outdoor spaces.

When it’s impossible to connect the kitchen, the ultimate solution in that case may be a separate outdoor kitchen and dining room on your decking area. The available space and your budget can guide you to decide whether you are able to make an outdoor barbecue space or install an entire outdoor kitchen.

The climate of the area where you live in will also influence the design or arrangement of your decking area. If it rains often, you should have a plan for installing a roof or patio covering. To ensure that the area is serviceable with ample light, consider installing the roof and ceiling with proper electrical supply for electronic appliances. You may have to spend a bit more, but you will be able to enjoy your indoor and outdoor space any time, day or night.

To keep away from insects, you may consider installing retractable fly screens around your decking area. They will keep mosquitos and flies out of your indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Extending your living space with a deck is one of the most satisfying Vancouver renovation projects you could consider to undertake. The beneficial outputs are two-folds. A deck adds to your living space and extends the entertaining area – this surely adds value to your home and enjoyment to everyone who uses it. Finally, a decking area can significantly increase the serviceability of your outdoor space making it aesthetically pleasing with an appeal for a soothing and comfortable outdoor room.

If you are considering extending your living space, talk to the experts at your Vancouver Home Renovation Company, EA Renovations Ltd. They will work with you to design and build the space of your dreams.