Benefits Of Renovating Your Kitchen and Bathroom Simultaneously!

For both residents and visitors, the kitchen and bathroom are the most often utilized rooms in the house. These rooms serve as the house’s center points, adding value and utility to the space. In addition, the kitchen and bathroom serve as essential rooms in the home, serving as efficient and stylish spaces for anything from daily duties like cooking and bathing to celebrations and holiday festivities. Remodeling both spaces at once may appear challenging; however, addressing one massive project rather than two medium-sized ones might help you save time and money while reducing the stress associated with a lengthier, more drawn-out restoration timeline. Taking on two renovation projects at once might be overwhelming, which is why you should hire a construction manager or contractor as well as a designer to keep you on track and informed. Taking on both tasks simultaneously allows for a more efficient remodeling process, easier coordination, and less long-term stress. However, both need a significant expenditure and a great deal of commitment on your part. What if you tackled both of these projects at the same time, rather than one at a time? Let’s have a look at the pros of renovating both units of the house simultaneously!
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How Much Does it Cost to Renovate a House in Canada in 2021

Renovations are a demanding and interesting project, but do large plans necessitate a large budget? Are there any methods to save money, or will you have to make adjustments if the cost turns out to be more than expected? In 2021, how much should a home remodel cost? The estimated cost will vary greatly based on the type of renovation and the scope of the project. With some materials, such as wood and lumber, escalating in price, timing may also be a concern. As demand grows, prices could continue to rise.
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Vancouver Renovation Tip: Using Stone to Enhance Your Home

Natural and engineered stone in the home, considered a luxury a few years ago has become an affordable and accessible building material for Vancouver homeowners.

There are very few other building materials that can offer the same permanence and elegance of stone. This premium building material has durability, strength, originality, natural beauty and sophistication. These qualities can essentially give your home a modern, clean look and provide added value and years of use and enjoyment. If you’re considering using stone in your Vancouver home renovation project, here are a few tips on how to enhance your home with it.

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Curb Appeal Vancouver Homes

Enhance Curb Appeal of Your Vancouver Home

The Vancouver Renovation Experts at EA Renovations Ltd. explain how to achieve curb appeal for your home and the importance it plays on the value of your home.

Curb appeal simply means the visual appeal of a residential and commercial property as seen from the street. While the primary purpose of curb appeal is to make a good impression about the property, its comprehensive role, in point of fact, extends beyond this. The appearance of your home as viewed from the street has an influential role in determining its value and eminence in the neighbourhood.

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Decks by Vancouver Renovation Company

Extend Your Living Space With a Deck

The Vancouver Home Renovation Experts at EA Renovations Ltd. explain how to create more space by adding on a deck.

Has the thought of needing more space at your home for family, friends, entertaining or personal space crossed your mind? Adding a new room or extending an existing one may require a significant amount of investment in terms of both time and expense.  One viable solution is to plan an extension of your living space with a decking area.  A deck can be a luxurious outside space that your entire family can enjoy and take full advantage of.

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Vancouver Home Renovation and Construction Company

How Renovations Can Enhance Your Vancouver Home

The Vancouver Renovation Experts at EA Renovations Ltd. explain how home renovations can enhance your home and quality of living.

For most people a home is much more than a place to live, it’s a long-term investment. Your renovation decisions will have important consequences for your future living costs and quality of life, so you want to get it right. Home renovation is an exciting process, but it can be daunting too. There’s so much to consider, sometimes it’s hard to know how to do it right to enhance the value of your home. Whether you’re planning a major renovation or upgrading a portion of your home, you should always look for helpful suggestions from a Vancouver renovation expert for how to go about a renovation that meets all your needs and provides the best value for money, now and for a long time to come.

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Vancouver Home Renovations

The Importance of Hiring a Professional Vancouver Renovation Company

The Vancouver renovation experts at EA Renovations explore factors that you should consider when hiring a renovation company.

When it comes to Vancouver home renovations there are many things to consider including deciding to complete the renovation as a DIY or hire a renovation company. Renovating your home should be a positive experience in which you have full confidence in the renovation company you hire or in your skills and ability.  Deciding to use a credible, professional renovation company who has a team of expert ensures the best quality job in terms of experience, workmanship, standards, commitments and resourceful solutions.

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What is the Average Cost of a Bathroom Remodel in Vancouver?

Vancouver Bathroom Remodelling experts EA Renovations Ltd., explore what to consider and the ins and outs of the budget plan for your bathroom remodel.

The bathroom is one of the most important areas of the home: it’s a private get-a-way that can be used as your own personal sanctuary.  By remodelling a bathroom, you transform the room into a space of luxury with beautiful amenities for a homeowner to enjoy a relaxing retreat.  A bathroom makeover can increase a homes’ value which is one of the reasons why it’s the second most renovated room.

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Top Trends in Vancouver Kitchens for 2016

A renovated kitchen will not only transform the look of that space but will also have a positive impact on the value of your home. Vancouver home and kitchen renovation contractors EA Renovations give their take on the top trends in Vancouver kitchens.

The kitchen is the center of every home.  In 2016, this space is truly going to be the heart of your living place due to the prominence of elegant and sophisticated design ideas and trends.  If you are considering upgrading or remodelling your kitchen, what trends should you look for that are worthy of your budget, time and effort? Here are some top trends in your kitchen for 2016 to keep in mind. 

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